Podcast: Nicht nur schön 06: Pilvi Takala – Close Watch Schönste Schweizer Bücher, Zürich 6 March 2024

In German and English. English from 16:35–43:30.

Conventions and codes influence our daily interactions. In her artistic work, the Finnish artist Pilvi Takala examines these social structures and the power structures associated with them. Pilvi Takala represented Finland at the 59th Venice Biennale. “Close Watch” is the title of the publication and work that was shown in the Finnish pavilion in 2022. For “Close Watch” Pilvia Takala worked undercover for the international private security company Securitas. In conversation with the Swiss designer Vela Arbutina and the artist Pilvi Takala, we talk about Pilvi Takala’s artistic practice and how Vela Arbutina translated artistic processes into a book.

Chloe Stead and Michael Birchall talk with Pilvi Takala Löwenbräukunst, Zurich, Switzerland 10 June 2023

Artist Pilvi Takala shares insights into her practice and discusses the themes that drive her work, focusing on Close Watch, with curator Dr. Michael Birchall and frieze magazine  assistant editor Chloe Stead. The event was a partnership between Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst and frieze magazine during Zurich Art Weekend.

On Discomfort: Artist Talk: Pilvi & Ali Eisa Goldsmiths CCA, London, UK 19 April 2023

A discussion between artist Pilvi Takala and Ali Eisa (Lloyd Corporation) on the development of her work, with a focus on her latest installation, Close Watch.

EMMA Talks: Pilvi Takala and Christina Li on Close Watch EMMA Museum, Espoo, Finland 24 March 2023

Artist Pilvi Takala and curator Christina Li discuss Close Watch and its making process and themes.

(In German) Podiumsdiskussion: Close Watch – Debatten über Sicherheit: KI in der digitalen überwachung Migros Museum für Gegenwartskünst 16 September 2023


Dr. Lukas Ruf, Network Security Expert
Niniane Paeffgen, former Executive Director of the Swiss Digital Initiative and Digital Ethics Expert
Bekim Mzi, Security Expert and Head of Operations at Swiss Security Group


Ruth Fulterer, Journalist

Digital surveillance is a major theme in Pilvi Takala’s work – the panel focuses in particular on the role of artificial intelligence in existing security systems. What are current applications of this new technology? What are the legal and ethical bases of their use? Furthermore, the advantages of the use of artificial intelligence in security systems can offer is evaluated. The panel discussion is in German.

Debates on Security: Profiling and Policing Migros Museum für Gegenwartskünst 7 September 2023


Eva Hürlimann, Security, Prevention and Communication Expert
Simin Jawabreh, Activist and Political Scientist
Richard Wolff, Politician and former City Councillor
Pilvi Takala, artist


Amina Abdulkadir, Journalist and Spoken Word Artist

The panel, held in conjunction with Takala’s exhibition at Migros Museum für Gegenwartskünst focuses on profiling and policing in public space. Among other issues, questions are raised on the abuse of power within prevailing surveillance structures, especially in relation to discriminatory profiling. Furthermore, state-regulated security strategies are evaluated in order to find out who actually needs to be protected from whom.

Excess Force Goldsmiths CCA, London, UK 23 May 2023

Dr Koshka Duff, Author, Abolish the Police, Lecturer, Nottingham University
Thomas Marriott, Designer and Researcher, Goldsmiths College
Dr Nikhaela Wicks, University of Kent

Jennifer Fleetwood, Goldsmiths College

The Panel discussion focused on the use of excess force and other forms of violence that can typify interactions with private security and police forces. Amidst recent revelations about the working culture at the MET, failing detention centers, and questions around far-right actions, the question of how well communities are cared for and served by existing systems of policing and security are ever present. Is reform possible, or do we need to radically rethink?

EMMA Talks: Whose Safety? EMMA Museum, Espoo, Finland 24 March 2023


Markus Himanen, Doctoral Researcher, Centre for Research on Ethnic Relations and Nationalism (CEREN)
Mikko Kemppainen, General Counsel, Securitas Finland
Libin Mohamed, Secretary General, African Anti-Racism Society Finland (AFARS)
Pilvi Takala, artist


Javiera Marchant Aedo, Equality expert and educator

Increasingly, the private security industry is playing a crucial role in upholding public order and defining what safety means in our society. Contracted guards are obliged by law to perform their job in a peaceful manner, without bias and prevent discrimination, yet work protocols and the system they operate within constantly produce discriminatory and exclusionary practices in public spaces, such as ethnic profiling and excessive use of force. In this discussion, various experts address the way in which the industry creates unsafe environments, changes that have been implemented in security organisations to tackle this. and what more can be done to make public space safer for all.

Together Against Hate Shadow Report 2
Stopped – ethnic profiling in Finland